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Monteverdi's Fourth book of Madrigals (1603), brought to life as a contemporary drama for the screen.

Based on his own award-winning live production with I Fagiolini, John La Bouchardière's highly acclaimed film

has been broadcast and screened all over the world. Classic FM rated The Full Monteverdi as the third most important classical music movie ever made, behind only Amadeus and The Pianist.

Poster for The Full Monteverdi (Quad)


Seated in a restaurant, the six couples begin to quarrel over dinner. Onlookers are drawn to the interactions of their fellow diners, yet also wary of their invasive gaze, as the relationships fragment before their eyes. The couples fight over moments in the past, then reflect on better times and unrealised dreams. Ultimately, the six (singing) lovers are left to contemplate life alone.


The film takes place over an evening and following morning, with several scenes shot as flashback, giving viewers the back-story to the lovers’ downfall. The film is sung throughout. (60 mins)

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