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The Stag Hunt, a short film based on Janequin's La Chasse

John La Bouchardière's prize-winning short film, a dystopian modern satire on aristocracy and extinction, based on Janequin’s La chasse (1537). I Fagiolini plays a royal family determined to reign supreme.

Winner REMA Music Video of the Year 2022

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Joby Talbot’s acclaimed a cappella vision of the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, dramatised as a probing exploration of human endurance and a spiritual enlightenment for the modern world. Commissioned by Spoleto Festival USA.

"Many cheeks, as mine, were, mysteriously, wet." D.C Theater Scene

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Joby Talbot's Path of Miracles
John Adam's El Niño

John Adams's enigmatic nativity oratorio, with a libretto compiled by Peter Sellars, staged as an apocalyptic miracle play. Commissioned by Spoleto Festival USA.

"A haunting new production" Wall Street Journal

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Lera Auerbach's a cappella opera, reimagined as an immersive experiential adventure, transporting blindfolded audiences to the world of Maeterlinck's Nobel-prize winning play, using a shifting surround-sound world and a full range of non-visual stimuli. Commissioned by Lincoln Center Festival, New York.

"Thoroughly engaging immersive theater" New York Times

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Lera Auerbach's The Blind
The Full Monteverdi updated theatrical poster

Monteverdi's Fourth book of Madrigals (1603), brought to life as a contemporary drama for the screen. Based on his award-winning live production with I Fagiolini, John La Bouchardière's highly acclaimed film has now been broadcast and screened all over the world.

"Bleak but brilliant" The Times

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A gallery of images from a variety of projects.

"The biggest talent to emerge since..." Financial Times

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Susan Bickley as Juno in Handel's Semele at Scottish Opera
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